Is Transition a Movement or an Organization?

Did you know that TransitionUS at offers several great services to support Transition groups and other like-minded groups all over the country to build the Transition movement?

If you go to their home page, you'll see that one valuable support they offer is regularly-scheduled conference calls, called "telesalons".  On these calls you can learn what's happening in Transition groups in places you've probably never been -- and places you have. You'll be able to not only ask questions about your own local group, but you'll hear the triumphs and tribulations of brave groups who've caught fire with the Transition idea and want to keep it moving forward to make a difference in their communities.  Momentum, I have often heard, is key to an effective and satisfying Transition group.

On my latest telesalon call, I was finally able answer a question I've been mulling over for quite a while -- "Is Transition an organization or a social movement?"  In listening carefully to the participants on the call, I finally realized that it depends upon each group, whether it is one or the other OR both!  Each group is unique and operates with more or less structure. Whether highly structured, or loosely structured, each group has it's own issues and celebrations.

With this awareness in mind, I did some inquiry about what it means to start a movement.  I felt that the following blog post from Social Media Today was food for my thinking on how a transition group or project can gain momentum, without bogging down in forming an organization.  I would like to share the following link with the idea that not everything worthwhile we do in Transition has to be highly structured and focus on creating an organization:

How to Start a Movement in 7 Easy Steps

(P.S. If you decide to sign up to listen in on a TransitionUS telesalon, it's free.  Although, don't forget that they are a non-profit that also needs our donations to support their worthy efforts.)

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