To overcome the challenges our world faces, we must all grow in many ways. The journey starts by growing our minds! We can overcome all of these challenges, but we must learn to think differently.  

There are many people who have been thinking and growing along this path for a long time. You don't need to navigate the path alone!

As you connect and become involved with Transition Fort Collins, you will start to grow your thinking. Attending workshops and training seminars is a great way to get started.

The Transition Movement itself is also growing:  read the self-critique of Transition issued by the Mid-Atlantic Transition Hub (MATH) in the TransitionDiversity.pdf  The MATH initiated a national dialog on Transition US, discussing issues of diversity, affluence, and power in the Transition Movement.

We, too, can dialog on these issues locally.  Let's begin:

TFC now and has always said that we welcome people from diverse populations and backgrounds.  But, is that our current reality?  How can we become more inclusive? How can we, for instance, support disenfranchised people within our community?

As to affluence, this issue has taken the stage since the global recession.  There are many social justice issues related to affluence.  People are also speaking out on how affluence is affecting environmental issues. Naomi Klien, for one, has written about the elephant in the room of climate change - capitalism - in her book This Changes Everything. Dare we question our economic system?  It seems we should if we are to transition from a carbon-dominated economy.  Then the question becomes:  how can/should we move forward to change our local economy to deal with the changes we will increasingly encounter?  

About politics and power - The Transition Movement has generally seen itself as not politically oriented.  Yet there are huge political forces that must be addressed if we are to be true to Transition values and vision.  In our recent TFC planning process, we decided to allow Transition-supportive involvement with some politically-oriented groups, while at the same time staying focused on building local community and community resilience.  

Here is what we currently envision about becoming inclusive of important political realities: politically-oriented individuals and groups are invited to collaborate with Transition Fort Collins, if they are aligned with our mission.  These groups will be free to express and take action on their political views independently of TFC.  If they wish to use the Transition banner and the entire membership to take direct action, our bylaws now specify that there must be a 2/3 majority vote by the Transition Spokes Council to take any direct actions. Any questions needing to be answered between the quarterly Spokes Council meetings can be addressed by the TFC Central committee (see TFC Central for contact info)

About the Movement

The Transition Movement is in well over a thousand highly diverse communities across the world - from towns in Australia to neighborhoods in Portugal, from cities in Brazil to rural communities in Slovenia, from urban locations in Britain to islands off the coast of Canada. Many of these initiatives are registered on the Transition Network website.


Fort Collins Sustainability Group (FCSG)
To develop and advocate a vision and strategy for becoming a sustainable community

The Fort Collins Community Action Network (FC CAN) is a solid grassroots organization comprised of independent affiliates.

Shire CSA
Reestablishing an intimate connection between food and the people of the community.

Community for Sustainable EnergyCommunity for Sustainable Energy (CForSE)
Promoting energy policy that protects our natural environment, fosters economic growth, and improves quality of life in Fort Collins and beyond.


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