About TFC

Who are we?  

We are local community members transitioning to lower consumption and lower carbon lifestyles in order to mitigate and adapt to climate change.  We work to build community resilience and to sustain our food, water, and economic vitality for current and future generations.

What is Transition Town?

Transition Town is a global movement to help cities develop plans for coping with changes that are coming (and already here) due to diminishing fossil fuel, climate change, and economic instability. Cities around the world are creating their own unique strategies for their transitions into the future, and are sharing what they learn and know with one another.

Why start the transition now?

There are significant challenges ahead. We face a diminishing supply of cheap oil. Our climate is changing. The future stability of our economy and financial system is less certain. We can help plan the transition to a more resilient society.

Our major energy source is oil and its diminishing supply has begun an inevitable rise in the cost of oil. This will have huge impact on the way we transport ourselves, the way we work, the way we grow food, and the health of our environment.

Climate change is happening now. Weather patterns have become more unpredictable and extreme. Events that had been labeled 100-year events are now happening every year.

The sooner cities like Fort Collins begin to plan for how they will deal with these changes, the better.

An invitation to you

The old paradigm of our culture, based on limitless growth, endless acquisition, and the belief that more is always better is rapidly changing as we run up against the limits of a finite planet.

We are all in transition right now.

If we wait for someone else to solve the problem, we may be too late.

If we act as individuals, it may be too little.

If we act as communities, it might be just enough, just in time.

We don’t have all the answers. We believe in multiple paths, ideas and possibilities. We’re going to make mistakes. And we will learn from them.

Bring what you’re passionate about to the table. We’ve got a seat for you. We’ll work together because that’s the way we unleash our collective genius and start the transition.

If you’re curious and want more information, please read the back page. 

Mission Statement: What is the purpose of Transition Town Fort Collins?

TFC builds community by supporting community groups and projects that increase Fort Collins’ capacity to respond to fossil fuel depletion, climate change, and economic shifts. 

Transition Fort Collins will foster local resiliency, sustainability and culture by expanding our local economy, building community spirit and cooperation, and sharing best practices as we learn from and teach each other how to live in a world of finite resources. We want Fort Collins to be ready for our future, not struggling to react to it.

Vision Statement: What do we want to become?

Transition Fort Collins envisions Fort Collins as a resilient, sustainable, and vibrant community. We are committed to respect and care for each other and our natural world.

We treasure our local resources:

  • the knowledgeable and passionate people of our community
  • the land and healthy environment which sustain us
  • the local economy which support us

Strategic Goals: How do we transition to a more resilient society?

Transition Fort Collins will focus on the following strategic goals to foster local resiliency and sustainability.

  1. Become a community hub by communicating and connecting with other local organizations working on resilience and sustainability.  Allow access to each others' members, network, and develop community-oriented infrastructure.
  2. Teach transition ideas and how to use the transition model to foster resiliency. Develop our skills. Learn from each other and share best practices. Empower people to act, not react.
  3. Develop and support an information distribution network to connect and inform individuals and organizations in our community.
  4. Research opportunities to foster local economic resilience. 

Projects/Tactics: What specific projects will help accomplish our strategic goals?

  1. Write and distribute written materials on key transition topics detailing local best practices. Topics may include: sustainable energy, food production and distribution, transportation, education, health, land use, residential and commercial building, and local economies.
  2. Develop a directory of organizations already working on local resiliency. Have regular conferences that bring them together to share and inform.
  3. Develop community educational programs including study groups, issue committees, and general informational talks and movies.
  4. Use a GIS system to map local sustainability-related resources such as greenways, green spaces, farms, co-housing and other sustainable land uses.


If our mission, vision, goals, and projects resonate with you, consider getting involved. We all have talent to share that can make a difference to our city’s future.


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