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Welcome!  We (the people pictured here, plus the person taking the picture - Anne Marie, Tom, Jerry, Janice) have been a small working group that has done some good Transition-type projects and has learned a lot that we'd like to share with other members who have joined our website.

Please help us build community through social gatherings!  Although we are working hard in our lives and with other community groups, we'd like to  get to know you and see how we might coalesce an even better sense of neighborliness and community. 

We would also like to explore some Transition Town ideas and inspiration, initiate new conversations on community need/wants, and/or discuss whatever other community topics folks would like to bring to a gathering.

When you join this group, you will get email invites to any gathering anyone in this group plans to do - could be a potluck OR a weekend coffee date OR a social evening at a local brewery OR a picnic in a park pavillion.  Sounds fun, don't you think!

For more questions about this group, email Janice Lynne at  Thanks!

INSTRUCTIONS on the use of this group:  Please know that anyone who signs up for this "TFC Community Gatherings" group can independently invite everyone else in the group by sending a invitation through the "invite" button in the top right corner of the groups home page. You can have two-way discussions through the "Discussion" feature and make comments on the "Comment Wall".  BUT, you won't be able have a two-way conversation by email within this group.  To learn more about use of this website:    TRAIN ON HOW TO USE THIS WEBSITE

IF YOU WANT TO INITIATE A GATHERING:  Invite the group to your Fort Collins residence OR to a public venue you choose.  Indicate the time, date, location, yourself as host, and any other relevant information and state the purpose of socializing and/for discussion centered around building Fort Collins community resilience.  In a public venue, identify yourself as a host by placing a table tent (a folded in half sheet of 8.5 x 11" paper printed with the words "Transition Fort Collins Community Gathering") on your table.  Then, make sure that you show up to lead the conversation!  

It will be best to direct the entire group to RSVP back to you in your invitation message - you can include your phone, if you wish.  This is important for emergencies and so you know who and how many people will be coming.

I can also post your gathering details on the "Pages" column to the right of this one, so people can easily refer back to the details.  If anyone wants me to post a page, email    Also, if eventually we want to plan larger events, I can post them to the events section to entire website and the public - and you can, too!

Possible topics for conversations could include (but won't be limited to):

- How will be build community resilience and sustainability?
 - What are any TFC working groups currently doing?
- What can we do to promote Fort Collins' Climate Action Plan?
- What homeowners and renters can do take climate action in our residences         and neighborhoods? Using Transition Streets?  
- Tiny Houses - How can we build them and get them legal?  Where do/will             we put them?
- What is Time Banking?
- How can we Re-envision our economy and create new economic forms and
- How can we be more inclusive of the lower-income or disadvantaged people
    in our community?  How can we support transition to a more just future and
    deal with the ravages created by white privilege?
- Why is Urban Agriculture important?  What are we doing/will we do
    to promote it?
-  What will we do to rejuvenate our environment and sustain animals?
- Where does Composting and Vermiculture fit into a sustainability?
-  What insights, resources, and skills do we need to work on a team, work           with a city, work in collaboration with other groups, work within           
- Inner transition - How does our spiritual life support us?  How can we
     cultivate our spiritual strengths to deal with external changes?
- How can we create Resilience to disruptions?  Do we have an emergency
     plan for disruptions and if not, how can we create one?

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Comment Wall

Comment by Jerry Gerber on January 18, 2018 at 8:31pm

another topic that I would like to offer:  what would an economy look like that is zero growth, also known as a steady-state economy?

Comment by WT Barton on February 6, 2018 at 11:58am

I've gotten ahold of a few upcoming events that might be relevant to TFC folks.  I'm copying them below.  Please let me know if this is/is not the appropriate place to share this kind of info.  Thanks!  -Bill

February 9th-10th - Front Range Eco-Social Solutions Conference: A Bioneers Network Event
@ CU Boulder
Free two-day conference
Here's the program link:

February 11 - Fort Collins Sustainability Group Meeting
7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
@ Wild Boar Cafe, 1510 S. College Avenue

February 12 - informal discussion “Just Transition: Just What Is It?”
@ CSU Lory Student Center, room 322

February 12 - talk on “Making a Living on a Living Planet,” to be followed by discussion. @ Avo’s, 605 North Mason

February 13 - 'Virtual Community Forum' Hosted by the Future Earth Knowledge-Action Network (KAN) on Systems of Sustainable Consumption and Production (SSCP)
- topics: Working Group on Green Value Chains and the Working Group on Social Change Beyond Consumerism.
90-minute webinar
starts at 7am (may be available to watch afterward...)

Comment by Janice Lynne on February 6, 2018 at 1:27pm

Hi - It's great if you want to share these events on the comments page.  You can also list them in the events on the home page.  Anyone can do that.  Thanks.  Janice


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