My husband and I are moving to Fort Collins this summer to work at Colorado State University. We can afford to buy a traditional house with our dual income, but we are interested in living more simply and sustainably and saving our money for travel. We are considering 400-800 square feet houses at this point.

I read about Curt Lyon's project to create small houses and was interested in finding out more about what stage the project was at.

Here are some options we've considered:

1. Buying a "normal" house this April and then trying to get land to build a small house on in Summer, 2017. Rent "normal house" out once we move to small/tiny house.

2. Buying land and getting a small house put on it from one of the many companies/people who specialize in small/tiny houses.

3. Collaborating with others in community who are interested in tiny/small sustainable housing to have a small/tiny house in a place with others.

4. Buy normal house. Build 400-500 square foot ADU in backyard. Rent normal house if this is legal at that time.

We are not seriously thinking about having a tiny home on wheels because we want to stay in Fort Collins so we don't need a mobile housing situation. We did help our friend build one two weeks ago and that was fun!

Any opinions, or ideas, from the community would be fantastic! My phone is 509 386 5485. My email is

Good luck with your house plans :)


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Hi Cameron, This is Curt and I will shoot you an email regarding ADUs and where my project is currently. 


About the Movement

The Transition Movement is in well over a thousand highly diverse communities across the world - from towns in Australia to neighborhoods in Portugal, from cities in Brazil to rural communities in Slovenia, from urban locations in Britain to islands off the coast of Canada. Many of these initiatives are registered on the Transition Network website.


Fort Collins Sustainability Group (FCSG)
To develop and advocate a vision and strategy for becoming a sustainable community

The Fort Collins Community Action Network (FC CAN) is a solid grassroots organization comprised of independent affiliates.

Shire CSA
Reestablishing an intimate connection between food and the people of the community.

Community for Sustainable EnergyCommunity for Sustainable Energy (CForSE)
Promoting energy policy that protects our natural environment, fosters economic growth, and improves quality of life in Fort Collins and beyond.

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