Tiny Living meeting 11/9/2015 — 7:00 pm Bean Cycle

Attending: Jerry, Tom, Tania, Melanie, Stephanie, Randy

Project Builds Status

Melanie/Stephanie's tiny house -

  • Got the trailer, will move into the barn soon in about a week.

  • Currently Installing flashing on the bottom. Spray form on floor. Justin has spray foam contractor info.

  • Bought original design from Shelter Wise, Portland Oregon. Jerry Kommrusch, Jerry K., provided updated drawings, Mark, Jerry K.'s business partner, will analyze the structural drawings and provide the engineering sign-off on Melanie's tiny home.

  • Ordered a custom door from Uncle Benny's Building Supply, Loveland excellent custom door and siding vendor. Great boneyard selection. Blue stain Morgan lumber beetle kill wood.

  • Another possible beetle kill wood resource is the Forks Lumber north of Teds Place on 287 

Jerry Gerber's tiny house -

  • Jerry is gearing up for a week-long Tiny Home Blitz Build II the end of November or early December.  He will send out a request for help soon.



Randy met with the City planning departments at the Charrette meeting the beginning this month.  City officials were very interested in the tiny home community.

  • Tania talked about tiny house with a slide out. She referred us to tinyhousetalk.com a tiny house blog.  There are pictures of Mitch's house search for Mitch Craft on the tinyhousetalk.com website Tiny House newsletter.

  • Melanie and Jerry had concerns with their vendors. They recommend you have a lawyer look over the contract before signing. If your interested in Molecule Tiny homes talk with Jerry. If you are interested in Shelter Wise, Crown Jade Designs talk with Melanie.

Tiny Living meeting 11/16/2015 -- 7:00 pm Bean Cycle

Attending: Stephanie, Melanie, Ellie, Andrew, Mitch, Christina, Janice, Peggy, Jerry, Randy


Ellie — want to meet everyone and start looking at building a community

Melanie  — how is the cold affecting Mitch?

Mitch —  using a space heater it works fine using a heated water hose has auto thermostat has not frozen yet. Perit  heated water hose good to -40 degrees available online.

Randy — Tiny  Living group starting with Tumbleweed workshop.  Currently working with the city in starting Tiny Home community

Peggy — Just getting started exploring tiny homes. Began with Jamboree in Springs was the motivator.

Stephanie/Melanie —  Building a tiny home really interested in starting a community

Ellie/Andrew —  Mel and Steph told us about meeting. Scoping tiny homes out, plan to start this summer.

Jerry — Excited about the group growing so fast. Looking forward to seeing community building.

Christina/Mitch —  We are living in our tiny house since September.  It is working great. Good to know about other people interested in tiny homes.  It took 10 months to build. Living on someone's land.

Janice/Tom explained use of Transition website and how building a tiny home fit into their exploration of living somewhere else.

Where to live / community space 

  • Jerry G is living outside city limits
  • Randy report on community,  Met with Tania, Jeffery Charrette meeting with city planners, landscape architects. The community is in the Mountain Vista district. Landscape architects/planners will assist the vision of what the district could look like including retention ponds, storm water drainage plans. Poudre R1 school district (PR1) owns land east of Tania and Jeffrey’s place for future school. East of PR1 is a park.
  • City was very positive about Tania and Jeffery’s land. Randy thinks the city is behind us on this. Tiny homes fit right in. Hurdles include the cost of water and sewer taps (very expensive).  Lucinda Smith, FC city, may be a resource on sewer and water taps. Portland OR has waiver process, Ellie will research what they did.  Sprouts in Lamar/Walsenburg may be an additional resource to find out what other communities are doing. Additional concerns are  living together as a community and how to resolve conflicts.

Insulation/Air Mold questions

  • Peggy watching videos on tiny house air/mold problems in the same.
  • Mark may have some ideas about the amount of leakage is OK

LIVE TINY MEETING 11/30/15 at the Bean Cycle

5 of us met to talk about the latest progress on the Tiny House Village at Bonnie Farm project.  Tanja and Randy went to consult with a Grey Rock resident about the project.  Randy is continuing to connect with various key allies.  This week the people moving forward on the project will meet to create a mission statement and discuss further.  They are looking for an architect to do a rendering of the village to take to the city.  Others in the group are welcome to attend these meetings if they are interest.


Comment by Tanja Andreas on November 30, 2015 at 1:20pm

Hi, everyone!

Hope Thanksgiving was fun for everyone, and that you are all keeping warm in our Colorado winter that just arrived. 

I assume we are gathering tonight at 7 at the Bean Cycle unless I hear otherwise.  I know there had been discussion about finding a larger and quieter spot for Monday night meetings.  Jeffery and I can certainly offer our little house and big round table for gatherings and tea, people just have to be tolerant of our almost perfect but initially noisy :-) four-footeds.  It is also a bit further than Old Town for many as well.  Except us!!  See you tonight, Tanja


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